Citrix XenServer

Hardware Compatibility List

Citrix XenServer

This is a list of hardware and software components currently certified and supported for use with Citrix XenServer.

Additional configurations that are reported to work with Citrix XenServer are listed at the Citrix Ready Community Verified web site. Users are encouraged to submit their own configurations to the Community Verified site, to guide other users as to the configurations they might wish to use.

Due to XenServer's usage of industry-standard open source device drivers, the actual hardware compatibility for XenServer is broader than what is listed on the HCL. For servers and storage not specifically listed on the HCL, Citrix provides a self-certification test kit and program. The self-certification test kit includes tools and processes to follow to certify specific servers and storage, and should be completed with the assistance of a XenServer Systems Engineer from Citrix or a Citrix Solution Provider.

Completed self-certification test results can be uploaded via the XenServer Tracker website. If you don't have a Tracker account, you can request one here. Once the submission has been reviewed and accepted by the XenServer HCL team, the hardware will be added to the HCL and eligible for full support.

If you have any XenServer HCL-related questions or comments, please use this web form.

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New additions to the HCL in the past 30 days:


VendorModelDate added
Inspur NF8520Friday, March 21 2014
QuantaQ71L-4UMonday, March 24 2014
LenovoThinkServer RQ940Tuesday, March 25 2014
DellPowerEdge R920Thursday, March 27 2014
QuantaS210-X2A2JMonday, April 7 2014
Cisco SystemsUCS-E160D-M2Thursday, April 10 2014
Cisco SystemsUCS-E180D-M2Thursday, April 10 2014
Cisco SystemsUCS C460 M4Thursday, April 10 2014
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.ESC4000 G2SFriday, April 11 2014
QuantaS210-X22RQFriday, April 18 2014
NECExpress5800/R120e-1MFriday, April 18 2014

Storage Devices

VendorModelDate added
InfortrendEonStor ESDS S16F-G2840-4Thursday, March 27 2014
InfortrendEonStor ESDS S16F-R2840-4Thursday, March 27 2014
InfortrendEonStor ESDS S24F-G2840-4Thursday, March 27 2014
InfortrendEonStor ESDS S24F-R2840-4Thursday, March 27 2014
InfortrendEonStor ESDS S16E-G2240Friday, March 21 2014
TegileHA2100Tuesday, April 15 2014
FalconstorNSSTuesday, April 8 2014
AtlantisILIOFriday, April 4 2014
IBMSystem Storage DCS3700Monday, April 7 2014
Lenovo® Iomega®ix4-300d Network StorageMonday, April 14 2014
Nimble StorageNimble CS-Series Family Friday, April 18 2014
ImationNexsan E60VFriday, April 18 2014
ImationNexsan E48VFriday, April 18 2014
ImationNexsan E18VFriday, April 18 2014
X-IO Technologies ISE 700Monday, March 24 2014
X-IO Technologies ISE 200Monday, March 24 2014
X-IO Technologies ISE Station XMonday, March 24 2014
X-IO Technologies ISE ManagerMonday, March 24 2014
Lenovo® Iomega®EZ Media and Backup Center Tuesday, April 15 2014
TegileHA2130EPTuesday, April 15 2014
TegileHA2130Tuesday, April 15 2014
Pure Storage Inc.FlashArray Model FA-400 SeriesFriday, April 18 2014
ImationNexsan E32VFriday, April 18 2014
American Megatrends Inc.Stortrends 3500Friday, April 18 2014


VendorModelDate added
IntelIntel Corporation Ethernet Controller 10-Gigabit X540-AT2Monday, March 24 2014

Storage Controllers

VendorModelDate added
QLogic Corp.QMH2572 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA for HP c-Class BladeSystemTuesday, April 8 2014
Emulex CorporationLPe16002-M6 2 Port PCIe 16Gbs FCMonday, April 7 2014
LSI Logic/Symbios LogicMegaRAID SAS-3 3108 [Invader] (rev 02)Wednesday, April 2 2014
DellPERC H730PWednesday, April 2 2014

Converged Network Adapters

VendorModelDate added
IBMFlex System 2-port 10Gb LOM Virtual Fabric AdapterTuesday, April 15 2014
IBMFlex System CN4054R 10Gb Virtual Fabric AdapterTuesday, April 15 2014