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Hardware Compatibility List

Citrix XenServer

This Hardware Compatibility List contains all hardware components currently certified and supported for use with Citrix XenServer. Customers using hardware that is not listed on the HCL will only be eligible for best effort support from Citrix.

If you are looking for software-based products and solutions supported with Citrix XenServer, please visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Community Verified

Due to XenServer's usage of industry-standard open source Linux device drivers, the actual hardware compatibility for XenServer is broader than what is listed on the HCL. Additional configurations that are reported to work with Citrix XenServer are listed at the Citrix Ready Community Verified web site. Users are encouraged to submit their own configurations to the Community Verified site, to guide other users as to the configurations they might wish to use.

Submitting new Hardware

For servers and storage not specifically listed on the HCL, Citrix provides a self-certification test kit and program which includes the necessary tools and instructions for validating hardware against XenServer. This can be used by hardware vendors to certify their own hardware in order to be listed on this HCL. It may also be possible to submit hardware certifications on behalf of a vendor, however agreement from the vendor  will need to be acquired before embarking on the certification process. If you are unsure, then please get in touch with the HCL team first..

Completed self-certification test results can be submitted by signing up at XenServer Tracker website and creating an issue in the project "XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)" with issue type set to "HCL Submission". Once the submission has been reviewed and accepted by the XenServer HCL team, the hardware can be added to the HCL and will be eligible for full support.

If you have any XenServer HCL-related questions or comments, please use create an issue in the same project using the Issue Type "Enquiry".

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New additions to the HCL in the past 30 days:


VendorModelDate added
FujitsuPrimergy RX4770 M1Thursday, September 4 2014
Cisco SystemsUCS C220M4Wednesday, September 3 2014
DellPrecision R7910 Rack WorkstationMonday, September 8 2014
Cisco SystemsUCS C240M4Tuesday, September 9 2014
LenovoP900 WorkstationTuesday, September 9 2014
SupermicroSuperServer F627G3-F73PT+Thursday, September 11 2014
Inspur NF5280M4Tuesday, September 16 2014
Inspur TS860Wednesday, September 17 2014
Inspur NF5270M4Friday, September 26 2014

Storage Devices

VendorModelDate added
ASUSTORAS-602TMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS-606TMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS-608TMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS-604TMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS-604RMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS-609RMonday, September 22 2014
HPHP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 StorageWednesday, September 10 2014
HPHP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 StorageWednesday, September 10 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-3163S6T-RQXWednesday, October 1 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-2126JS6T-SQXWednesday, October 1 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-2123S6T-RQXWednesday, October 1 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-3166JS6T-SQXWednesday, October 1 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-2120A6T-PDCWednesday, October 1 2014
Unifosa CorpEN-3160A6T-PDCWednesday, October 1 2014
Pure Storage Inc.Pure Storage FlashArray FA-400 SeriesMonday, September 8 2014
Qsan TechnologiesU300-P10Wednesday, September 10 2014
ASUSTORNAS AS7010TMonday, September 22 2014
ASUSTORAS7008TMonday, September 22 2014
Qsan TechnologiesU300-F20Wednesday, October 1 2014
Qsan TechnologiesU300-P20Wednesday, October 1 2014


VendorModelDate added
DellEthernet 10G 4P X540/I350 rNDCWednesday, September 3 2014
Intel I350 Integrated Dual port GigabitTuesday, September 9 2014

Storage Controllers

VendorModelDate added
IntelWellsburg 6-Port SATA Controller [AHCI mode] (rev 05)Tuesday, September 2 2014
Cisco Systems12G SAS Modular RAID HBA adapterTuesday, September 9 2014
HPSN1100E 16Gb Fibre Channel HBATuesday, September 30 2014

Converged Network Adapters

VendorModelDate added
HPCN1000Q 10Gb Converged Network AdapterMonday, September 15 2014
HPCN1100E 10Gb Converged Network AdapterMonday, September 15 2014
HPFlexFabric 20GB 2-port 630M AdapterTuesday, September 9 2014
HPFlexFabric 20GB 2-port 630FLB AdapterTuesday, September 9 2014
HPHP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 526FLR-SFP+ AdapterWednesday, October 1 2014